Why Wishtrend

The ten keys of incomparable wishtrend site.

"Here are the ten factors that will make you satisfied with wishtrend
which introduing Korean beauty trend globally. We surely to consider
customers as our first value and introduce the best products only.”

  • WISHTREND shows the latest Korean trend to the global market, which includes hot cosmetic items from skin care, make-up and men's to babies'. You will see the various ranges of product lines according to your skin type as well as the best quality, moderate price and the most recent beauty trend of Korea.

  • WISHTREND offers the best products with high qualities and reasonable prices. Don't think Korean cosmetics are always expensive. All our high functional products manufactured in Korea are the best solutions for your skin, and you would certainly be surprised by the price as well. Those are made specially for reducing acne another skin troubles, minimizing pores, vitamin care etc.

  • WISHTREND provides goods through the direct contract with headquarters of each Korean cosmetic brand. It's different from other companies where they obtain their products in wholesale markets and sell in abroad. You can purchase the newest and fresh cosmetics which are being managed by the headquarters of brands. Check the expiration and manufacturing dates and you will see how newly-made they are !

  • WISHTREND offers delivery to every country. Wherever you are, you won't miss a chance to experience Korean beauty products. It's possible to get the WISHTREND.com box within 2 to 4 days via EMS, and 7 to 14 days via general service. It is safe until it reaches your hand. Delivery of WISHtrend is safe. We make sure everything will be fully wrapped by air pack inside a box surely. We guarantee that our products have safe journey to everywhere you wish.

  • The generous gifts are beautifully presentated in the unique box. WISHTREND gives plenty of gifts to every customer, which includes not only product samples but complimentary delicious Korean snacks or traditional souvenirs. Be curious about which ones you will get today ! We deliver your happiness as well.

  • WISHTREND is running our own review program for foreign customers who might be unfamiliar with Korean cosmetics. When new products are launched, WISHTREND.com 's reviewers will give valuable information of the products. Furthermore, we provide professional information through Jon's and Tessa's column.

  • WISHTREND does not keep your payment information. It won't be saved in Wishtrend’s database because the payment system is managed by Paypal. However, you can purchase our products conveniently and safely by your credit card without a Paypal account.

  • We have active and approachable C/S policy which you can get a response within 24 hours. Let us know about your any inquiries regarding WISHTREND.com to cs@wishtrend.com at anytime.

  • The Wish Box consists of very special products not easy to get in abroad, which have Korean theme.

  • WISHTREND.com has cosmetic products that you can only purchase from us exclusively. Our highly special selections will renew your skin and your life.


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