Our story

As long as you 'wish' to be beautiful,
You will be beautiful with wishtrend.com

“All women desire to be better and more beautiful in their lives.
We believe that the basic thing to be more beauty is to use
well-qualified cosmetics in daily life. We are here to make a place.
You can find the best solution for being better you.”

  • The Best
    cosmetics ever !

    We are looking for the
    best cosmetics that have
    not been participated in
    various distribution
    We crucially focus on the
    cosmetic researches and
    try several tests to find out
    the best products for our

  • The outstanding

    We share and deliver our
    knowledge on products we
    have found, know-how
    to be more beautiful.
    We introduce our products
    at wishtrend.com to make
    it easier for understanding
    and seeing the features.

  • To the world
    in safe conditions

    All the products displayed
    on Wishtrend are able to
    be delivered any place in
    the world. We use safe air
    caps and solid boxes.
    We deliver the products
    through each country’s
    postal system. If you use
    EMS Service, it’s possible
    to trace what you buy on


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